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Argus is the tool for both the professional and for the student, delivering all the charts, graphs, tables and overview.

With the interactive live-chartwheel introduced with version 4, you get the ultimate tool for interpretations, forecasts and birthtime rectification, letting your experiment and play around with progressions and transits in time and place to get the result.

The program runs on windows-only. I you have a MAC, you will need to install Windows either with Parallels Desktop or using dual-boot (Boot Camp).

The latest revision 27 (oct 2023) has a new gazetter database (TZ)

Program description
What's new in ver 4.2

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Add-ons for Argus 4

Cosmic mirror, will make a thorugh analyses of all the chart factors and combine these into intpretative entities. In this way, most of the contradictions which you typically find in other computer interpretations are avoided.
  • Natal report: A traditional factor-by-factor radix interpretation
  • Forecaster: Interpreting the transits for a given period: month or year

Sample interpretations and details